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Stock Up Your Kitchen Supplies Effectively This Festive Season

There aren’t very many days until we go full swing into the holidays. With the kids at home and family getting together more often, grocery shopping is likely to be an errand you run frequently.

We have a few tips for you to follow so that you will keep yourself organised and save money and time while you shop.

  • A list is a good way to save time and to prevent yourself to purchasing items that you “think” you need. All you have to do is train yourself to stick to it.
  • The worst thing to do is to go food shopping while you are hungry. You will buy things on impulse and you will succumb to some not so healthy temptations.
  • If you spend the rest of the year trying to be healthy you can still make sure you get the best nutrition for your rand value. Look at the nutrition labels so that you can limit your intake of fat, sugar and sodium.
  • Be aware of the unit price of items. This is the price that tells you the cost per kilogram, gram, litre etc. You might be able to stretch your rand a little further if you keep this information in mind.
  • Buy the fruits and vegetable that are in season. You will get far better flavours and quality as the produce will be fresher. Because it is in season, the fruit and vegetable are always a little less expensive.

The holidays are meant to be enjoyed and there is nothing wrong with indulging but be sure not to leave your pockets feeling too empty.