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Global Handwashing Day – Responsible Hands Are Clean Hands

15-Global-Hand-Washing-DayAnnually, October 15, marks Global Handwashing Day. The campaign is put together by the Global Handwashing Partnership, to encourage and motivate people worldwide to improve their handwashing habits.

The key focus of the campaign and its subsequent education initiatives, are to raise awareness of handwashing with soap to prevent the spread of diseases.

Amongst other aims, the campaign also hopes to shed light on the state of handwashing on each country and to unify the culture of handwashing with soap in all societies.

Every day we touch objects that harbour germs, bacteria and viruses. There are an estimated 1500 bacteria on just 1CM of your hand. This amplifies the possibility of transfer and cross contamination when you come into contact with your friends and family.

Where taken seriously, the simple action of handwashing with soap can reduce the mortality rate of respiratory diseases by almost 25%. Death from diarrheal diseases can be reduced by an estimated 50%. This simple behavioural change is believed to also significantly reduce childhood mortality rates.

Using soap is not only practical. It is also the most cost-effective way protect the human body from illness. It is a habit that can be adopted over time. Your hands yield the power to change your life, so to keep them clean should be a priority.