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Shopping for beef


If you are unsure of how to choose a beef cut that may be best for you, we suggest you pay attention to the following three tips;


Cuts of the same variety will generally be roughly about the same size and thickness. Look carefully for meats with no ragged edges, hacked bits or uneven sections. The smoother the meat surface, the better.


Fresh meat should have a vibrant colour, that catches the eye.


The direction of the muscle fibers is what we call the grain of the meat. Pay attention to how tight or uniform this looks. Fibers that appear broken, lose or uneven may indicate poor handling or poor meat quality.


When visiting the butchery, it helps to understand a little about the meat you are buying.
Identify which cuts are known to have a lot of fat or which cuts consist of more muscle and you will find a tasty choice to suit your preference, much quicker.