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Use Your Table To Setting To Set The Tone For A Merry Christmas Gathering

The climax of the holiday season is always the gathering of your loved ones for a well-prepared feast and table settings are an important element to elevate the festivities.

From the candles to the smallest details such as chair decor, we have put together an informative guide on how to set your main table this Christmas. We are positive that it will help you impress your guests without complications.


The very first thing you have to do, is choose a striking colour scheme and maintain it as a theme with all the décor. The colours you choose will help to manipulate the mood of your guests. Silvers and golds add to a classic feel. Purples, teals and blacks will help to create a more modern atmosphere. If your guests are anticipating a warmer and more traditional atmosphere, dark reds, greens and a champagne tone are the colours to choose.


A table cloth will help to indulge the senses for the overall colour scheme of your dinner. It will greatly life the mood of the room. If you want to leave your table bare without compromising on glamour, use a table runner.


Despite all the love from family flowing around your home, it will be a busy day. Avoid frustration and keep your setting simple. You will have a fantastic looking gathering. Here is how:

– Place mats: Fabric mats are perfect. Remember your colour scheme and choose a placemat that will compliment your tablecloth or runner.

– Plates: Start with a large base plate. Place the dinner plate on top. The start plate is then placed on the dinner plate. Stacking the plates will save you the trouble of changing dishware with every course.

– Glassware: From left to right (as you look at the place setting), set the red wine glass, white wine glass and water glass.

– Cutlery: Cutlery for your first course is placed on the outside, followed by the cutlery for the second. Third course cutlery is placed closed to the dinner plates.

– Place holders: If you are putting place holders on your table, make these at home.

– Chairs: You have the choice of using chair covers or tie backs. You could even use tinsel to decorate the chairs. Whatever your choice, remember your colour scheme.


An understated but classy finishing touch is a colour enriched linen napkin. It will improve elegance tenfold. There are a number of ways to fold your napkins before you lay them on your starter plate. (We suggest you watch a few YouTube videos to get ideas).


If you have left over Christmas ornaments and tinsel, scatter them around the table to enhance the look.

You could choose to use a centre piece on the table or your roast could take centre stage.